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Terms of Sale

You must read the general conditions detailed below that will be applied to all conventions organized by Unity Events. Purchasing a pass implies accepting the general terms and conditions of sale.


To participate in the event you must have purchased an online ticketing pass before the event. No pass will be sold on site. We remind you that the pass is neither exchangeable nor refundable unless canceled by us. Resale of pass is prohibited.

- During the convention

Your pass will be given to you on the day of the event under  proof all documentation of your purchases and an identity document. Without these elements, we will not be able to grant you access to the event.

Wearing the pass is mandatory for the duration of the event and will be required for any access. The refusal to present may prevent you from accessing the event.

Minor participants must provide parental permission and a copy of the legal guardian's ID. Without these elements access to the event will be denied.


Participants under 16 must be accompanied by a major person with a pass. We will be obliged to refuse access if the person under 16 is not accompanied or if the accompanying person does not have a pass. In this case, no refund will be made.


For the purchase of extra, you must be a holder of a pass.


Unity Events cannot be held responsible for the non-production of an autograph or photoshoot if the participant does not show up when he is called to do so. Access to meeting rooms will only be sold to participants with a Pass.


Unity Events will not be held responsible for the results of the photoshoot or in case of loss of your Extra ticket during the event.

During the event

You can take photos and videos only during the panels. You will be asked to remove the flash after the first five minutes.

No photos or videos will be accepted outside the panels, under pain of call to order or exclusion if this is not the first warning.

During autographs only, you can give a gift to the actors.

In case of physical or verbal aggression towards a member of the team or an actor, Unity Events will be forced to ban you from the event without refund.

Means of payment

To buy a pass or extras, you must go through online ticketing.

Your e-ticket will be sent to you by email. Remember to keep it for the day!


In case of cancellation of an event, all your purchases will be refunded upon presentation of proof of purchase. If one of the guests cancels his arrival at any time, Unity Events cannot be held responsible for it and therefore no refund of the pass will be possible. Regarding extras, we can exchange them for another guest that interests you or refund them.




Unity Events reserves the right to refuse a participation in the event.


The schedule of the event may be modified at any time according to the unavailability of the actors or the requests of their agents. No refund will be possible.


The promoter and the site manager cannot be held responsible for any loss or personal injury during the event.