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What is a convention?

A convention is an event that takes place on a weekend or a day (usually Saturday), dedicated to a series or movie.

Participants will be able to purchase their pass and their extras and meet their favorite actors.

How to participate in the event?

To participate you must be a holder of a pass that you can buy on the online ticketing. On the day of the event when you are given your pass, remember to keep it around your neck otherwise you will be denied entry.

Attention, the pass is neither exchangeable, nor modifiable, nor refundable except in case of cancellation on our part. Resale of pass is prohibited, we reserve the right to cancel the pass concerned.

What's contain my pass ?

There are different types of pass at different prices with or without extras. In all cases, all pass give access to the panels as well as the stands and animations.

What's an extra ?

We offer several extras in limited quantities or very limited. Some extras are included in your pass depending on which one you buy. To be able to buy extras, it's necessary to have a pass.


Autographs: an autograph of the actor of your choice. You can possibly give him a gift.


Photoshoot: Photo with the actor of your choice taken by a professional photographer. There are duo or group  photoshoot. 


Meeting-room: Spend a privileged moment in restricted committee with the actor you have chosen. Duration 30 min.


Evening: Enjoy an evening in an exceptional setting with the presence of the actors. Meals and drinks included in the price.


Other extras can be added depending on the event.

How can I take off my pass ?

To be able to take off your pass and  your extras you must imperatively bring you all the credentials printed as well as an identity document in the name of the justifying documents. Otherwise, you will be denied access to the convention.

A guest is canceled, what's happen ?

Unfortunately this can happen, regardless of our will. No pass will be refunded, regarding the extras we will replace them by the alternate actor or an actor of your choice EXCEPT extra guest.

I'm underage (-18), so what ?

If you are under 16 you must be accompanied by an adult. For ages 16-17 you must complete the parental authorization and provide us with a copy of the identity document of the parent who filled it.

Can I take pictures and videos  ?

We give you the right to take photos and videos only during the panels. You will then be asked to remove the flash after the first five minutes.


We remind you that photos and videos outside of panels are strictly forbidden.

If you don't comply with the rules, we reserve the right to exclude you from the event without refund.